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Seasonal Hotpot    



The hotpot has a long history in China.  It originated in the north, where people ate it to fend off the severe winter chill. It spread to the south during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).  Later, northern nomads who settled in China enhanced the hotpot with beef and mutton, and southerners did the same with seafood.  In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), the hotpot became popular throughout the whole of China.  In some villages every meal of the winter is a hotpot meal.

Soup Base    锅底


Select light and/or spicy soup.  Includes sauces.



4 or more people   4人(含)以上:  15.00






Hotpot Dishes        
  Meat, Fish and Seafood   肉类及海    
    Beef Slices   牛肉   10.00  
    Beef Tendon Slices   牛筋片   8.00  
    Beef Omasum   牛百叶   8.00  
    Lamb Slices   羊肉   12.00  
    Chicken Slices     8.00  
    Fish Slices   鱼肉   10.00  
    Shrimp       12.00  
    Squid Slices    鱿   10.00  
    Scallops   干贝   12.00  
    Black Mussels   牡蛎/青口   10.00  
    Imitation Crab   蟹棒   8.00  
    Fish Balls   鱼丸   8.00  
    Squid Balls   鱿鱼丸   8.00  
    Lobster Balls   虾丸   8.00  
  Vegetables and Tofu    豆腐 蔬菜      
    Golden Mushrooms     3.00  
    Potato Slices   土豆片   3.00  
    Lettuce   生菜   3.00  
    Baby Bok Choy   小白菜   3.00  
    Napa Cabbage   大白菜   3.00  
    Bean Sprouts   豆芽   3.00  
    Tofu (soft or firm)   豆腐   3.00  
  Rice and Noodles     主食        
    Rice (per bowl)   饭(每碗)   2.00  
    Silk Noodles     3.00  
    Thin Rice Noodles     3.00  
    Wide Rice Noodles     3.00  
Egg Noodles 蛋面 3.00
    Dumplings (6)      饺子   5.99  
Wontons (6)  馄饨 4.99